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I am working my way around getting up to speed with Identity Governance.


I might be missing something really fundamental, but what is the "access Reviews -> Program" setting for.  What does the "Default business flow to start managing access reviews" do?


Thank you.

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"Programs" are basically a container for Access Reviews, but Microsoft seems to be moving away from this concept. Not sure about the second one, where do you see it?

@Vasil Michev  Hi - thank you for the reply, I've done a little bit of work with Sailpoint and this is what they would call a "Campaign". 


I'm seeing "Default Business Flow - Default business flow to start managing access reviews"

on the Identity Governance | Programs | Access Reviews | Programs pane.

So that's the default container when using the Create An Access Review page.  To add another Access Review to a new Program, that has to be done from Create An Access Review within the Program pane.


Looking around the internet, it appears this setting was previously available on the old Create An Access Review page, but was dropped.


I see a bit more more info in the Graph documentation :


That gives me what I need to know now - thank you.