Hybrid Join - Chromium Edge Browser

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We have deployed Azure AD Hybrid Join at our workplace. In order for logons from Chrome to come across as Hybrid Join the "Windows 10 Accounts" Extension is needed. This works well for Chrome.

The new Edge (Chromium) Browser from Microsoft does not work for logons for Hybrid Join devices though. Even with the "Windows 10 Accounts" extension, logons do not register in Azure AD as Hybrid Join. 


Any idea when this support will be added or a workaround? I assumed this would be supported right away since it's Microsoft's browser.



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I just checked and a client of mine is using Edge Chromium with Azure AD Joined devices, and CA is working there.

If I remember right, it should also work for hybrid joined devices.

Have you tried it from different devices? What version of Edge are you running?

It's not supported yet, and you shouldn't expect the different teams within Microsoft to talk to each other :)

Hi @Vasil Michev 


Where did you find that information?


I found the Device ID in the sign-in logs when using Edge Chromium


After more testing it appears it works when your logged into Edge chromium with your Azure AD Account only. If your not logged in and just use the Windows 10 Accounts extension it will not work. I also found no supporting documentation around this.