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How to know/find which Azure AD edition do we have?

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We have Office 365 tenant with many users, and we do not have nor use Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

My question is: How can I find out what Azure AD edition do we have? Is there any option in the UI that tells what Azure AD edition e.g. Basic, Premium P1, or Premium P2 that we have?

Thank you & Please let me know!

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In the O365 Admin Center you can see which licenses you have purchased by looking in the Billing section or you can look on the Overview page on the main Azure AD page in the Azure Porta.

Yes, I know that place. I seen it and it doesn't show any AD items at all ! It shows EMS in case if you have / But, That isn't what I am looking for. What I want to know is what Azure AD edition e.g. Basic, Premium P1, or Premium P2 that we have? That section doesn't show any AD info !

then you have Basic which is what everyone gets with O365. If you had P1 or P2 standalone editions or one the EMS Sku's  it would be listed.

The Dashboard in Azure will show you the Azure AD edition also

Dean is correct, in Azure AD you don't have a way to check wich Azure version you have

When I go to: > In the Overview Dashboard section, I can see "Azure AD Premium P1" !


Does that mean I only have my AD account as Azure AD Premium P1? Or, Does it mean that all our users in the tenant have the same Azure AD Premium P1 as well? Anyway to confirm this, Please?



The Get-AzureADSubscribedSku cmdlet reports the licenses purchased for your Office 365 tenant.


You can also look at each User in the O365 admin center and it will show the licenses assigned to them

In the Azure portal, if you go to Azure Active Directory it is listed in the Overview.




Some features in AAD are enabled per tenant and some featues are enabled per user. At the starting page you can see the status for the per tenant features.
This means in your case that your AAD is at the P1 Level and you can technically use features like Conditional Access. But to be compliant with the license agreement it is necessary that all users using the P1 features are licensed.
And, over 4 years on, that was just what I needed - ta!
Cloud concept is different. Azure AD in not like local AD. You will not get version update or anything. If any new feature comes Microsoft will push that datacentre wise. So eventually you will get that by 3 months. The matter is which license you are using . Features will work based on License not Azure AD version
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