How give access to "my profile" page for microsoft personal accounts as guest accounts in Entra?

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I have a personal Microsoft account as a guest account in my work Entra. This account has MFA enabled as a requirement to log in to Azure during the login process. I would like to add another phone with Microsoft Authenticator. I can only do this from When I try to log in with the id of a private account like email address removed for privacy reasons, I get information that I cannot log in with non-work accounts. If I use the guest account id like, I have to enter a password which, as we know, does not exist. However, if I log in to using the account email address removed for privacy reasons and go to and when logging in I select log in with a domain and provide the domain, I receive information that the login was successful but access to the resource is denied. How can I give private guest accounts permission to access to add another MFA device?

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