How can I use "Windows Hello for Business" as passwordless sign-in on my laptop?

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I have activated Windows Hello for Business using an Intune configuration profile. Now that it's activated - how can I use it? It does not appear as sign-in method when I'm prompted with sign-in window.

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Dear @Kiril,

I am missing some context. Did you successfully set up any form of trust (e.g., Cloud, Key, or certificate trust? When stating Windows Hello for Business and Password-less, I assume you already have this setup. Could you confirm?

Also, there is a tenant-wide setting for WhFB. Which one did you configure? You can find the setting under the Intune Portal > Windows Devices > Windows enrollment > Windows Hello for Business. Don't set this feature to Disabled. Even if you would create a Configuration profile, this policy won't enable Windows Hello for Business.

Thank you, @BilalelHadd.


Yes, we are using cloud only Azure AD. WHfB is enabled on the tenant level and using the Endpoint security "Account protection" policy.


Welcome! @Kiril

You are missing some critical steps to make use of WhFB. Rather than setting up a complicated PKI infrastructure, I recommend configuring Cloud Trust. Especially when your devices are Azure AD joined only. Many articles and blogs are available on configuring a Windows Hello for Business Cloud Trust. This would also enable you to access network drives and shares with WhFB. I hope this helps!

@BilalelHadd Thank you. I did not set up a PKI infrastructure.


I followed all the steps described here: Windows Hello for Business Deployment Overview | Microsoft Learn and  Windows Hello for Business Deployment Prerequisite Overview | Microsoft Learn.


Which information is missing there? Can you point me to those articles and blogs?

Of course. Visit the following link:

It should point you in the right direction. Following these steps requires no PKI infrastructure.


The link you provided is about "Hybrid cloud Kerberos trust deployment". We are not in a hybrid scenario, nor do we have an Active Directory (on-prem). As mentioned before, the right deployment guide is Azure Active Directory join cloud only deployment | Microsoft Learn.


"When you Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) join a Windows device, the system prompts you to enroll in Windows Hello for Business by default. If you want to use Windows Hello for Business in your cloud-only environment, then there's no additional configuration needed."



You're completely correct regarding the link that I've shared.

Did you also think of the apps and services that need to authenticate (with SSO, e.g.)? Password-less goes further than only logging in with strong authentication.

For accessing legacy apps and services, I would recommend the Hybrid Cloud Trust. If you are sure that all apps and services are SSO compatible, then you should be fine.

Could you share a screenshot with the configuration profile you've created for WhFB?

@BilalelHadd , sure:




What is kind of strange, is that some users in our tenant are missing the Authentication method "Windows Hello for Business" in the User profile in Azure. Is there some way to re-join Azure in order to get the sign-in method?

Please make sure that the devices are AAD joined. When they are, ensure that the configuration profile, as shown in the screenshot, is assigned to the devices.
Regarding your question, It won't be registered as an authentication method if they haven't set up Windows Hello for Business.

Small reminder, as stated yesterday, the WhFB trust type only impacts how the device authenticates to on-premises AD. So don't forget to do your research.


Thank you. I will take a closer look at your recommendation and update the thread.