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Guest user access to SSAS cube on Azure VM

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Greetings.  I need to allow users outside of our Azure AD tenant the ability to access a multidimensional SSAS cube that resides on an Azure VM.  It doesn't reside in Azure SQL Database or Azure Analysis Services.  We have Microsoft SQL Server 2019 installed on an Azure VM and are providing access to the cube via a URL pointing to the msmdpump.dll.  I have also created a group, assigned the proper read permissions via SSAS cube security, and added a non-guest user to that group.  Everything works as expected for that user, and it is able to access the cube successfully.  However, I have invited an outside user to our Azure AD tenant as a Guest user.  The user has accepted the invitation and I have added the user to the same group as the test user in Azure AD.  Each time the user uses Excel to attempt to connect to the cube in question, he sees this error:




I've even set the Guest user access setting under External collaboration settings to Guest users have the same access as members (most inclusive).  Yet, I cannot seem to find what is needed to allow the guest user access.  Is there a restriction on this access such that Guest users can't read data from a cube in this way?  Any information or documentation would be most appreciated.


Thanks in advance!




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