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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Group-based licensing - G3 eligible?

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Greetings!   We here at our organization have a O365 G3 subscription (as opposed to A3 or E3), which is just basically the Government Cloud equivalent to the E3. I have been unable to use Azure AD Group-based licensing as the options either do not exist or are grayed out in my AzureAD interface. Azure Support says it *might* be because I'm G3 (I never really got a straight answer), and when I go and ask my Microsoft rep, one of his coworkers says it REQUIRES Azure AD Basic, not even the O365 E3/A3 option is valid (he even said the documentation is wrong on your own website). I'm just trying to get a straight answer, does anyone know if G3 can use it? If so, is there a reason why I would not have the options?   I can assign licenses to users directly, but not to groups.


Thanks for your time!

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Have you gone to the Azure AD portal and attempted to configure it ( ? Generally, group-based licensing is available to any E3 (or E3 for government as it's now know), and above.



Thanks for the reply, however as I mentioned, the option to select from groups is  not available (it only shows users, even from the 'Licensed Groups' area).  I even had Azure support on the phone with me, remotely watching my session, and they couldn't explain it, other than to say that 'G3' wasn't eligible in their opinion.     


When I try and do it from the group, the option is completely grayed out (and yes it's a security group).



Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!

Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on this? Is there anyone with a G3 subscription that can say if they have this ability or not? Thx!

So either coincidentally the problem fixed itself or someone saw this and fixed it :)    It's now letting me assign licenses to Groups in Azure AD.  The dialog boxes aren't either grayed out or have the proper options ("User AND Groups" vs just 'Users')