Group Based Licensing - assign using PowerShell?

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Hi Folks,


I'm sure I don't need to explain what Group Based Licensing is and I'm wondering how on earth I can configure license plans and assign to groups using PowerShell. Is it even possible? There's absolutely nothing in the documentation at the moment. The official docs ( run you through the process of using the Azure Portal to add licenses to groups, with no mention of PowerShell at all.


I've tried tinkering with Group objects in PowerShell, using both Msol (v1) and GraphAPI (v2) objects and tapping into the Licenses and AssignedLicenses (each have a 'set' accessor) but with no success. I can add a license to the 'AssignedLicenses' property, but I don't think there's any way to save it back.


I find group based licensing a really nice touch, though the way I see it at the moment, it still requires an admin to go to the Azure Portal to configure. That's a real shame. Am I missing something here?

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@Jason Dunbar As of now the Powershell and Graph API support for this feature is at read-only.


"Full functionality for group-based licensing is available through the Azure portal, and currently PowerShell and Microsoft Graph support is limited to read-only operations. "


I agree to this being a must-have in the future!