Google auth in AAD but different domains

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I have an O365 domain ( I have a separate Google domain ( Currently I sync users/passwords from O365 to Google and the authentication is handled by AAD and Google respectively.


Now I want to integrate my Google auth into AAD and let AAD handle the login - but I want to keep my Google users in their domain.


Is this possible? I know I can have AAD handle Google authentication. What I don't know is can I have 2 separate domains in my O365 tenant - one for O365 users and one for Google users.

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I don't think so, the recently introduced Google federation feature should cover the auth process but that's pretty much limited to Azure AD - none of the Office 365 services will "know" how to handle such users. Though in all fairness, you can actually create mailboxes for users now in O365 (requires some tinkering) or give them Admin rights, I simply haven't bothered to check the Google scenario :)

Hi @Craig Debbo!


If I understood correctly, you want to authenticate against AAD and keep your existing Google and O365 emails? I haven't tried that but sure, it is a supported scenario. You do need to register (and verify) both domains to AAD, configure Google SSO to use AAD, and add Google App to AAD.


Check this for more details:


If you are looking for a scenario, where your emails are in Office 365 and you want your users to be able to login with their Google account, that is also supported scenario (and tested by me.) A bit more tricky to setup but doable. Let me know if you'd like know more about this.