Global Admin Tasks that require Global Admin (GA) Account Privilege in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft

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List each and every task for entire Office 365 and Azure Resources for which GLOBAL ADMIN Account is a must for example

1. To be able Enable / Disable Services & Addins (Office 365 ADmin Center) only GA can do

2. Running Exchange Hybrid setup only GA - Global Admin can do

3. Adding new subscriptions to Azure

4. Installation of AADConnect and Object Sync only GA - Global Admin can do

5. Security & Compliance - Retention policies under Data Governance only GA - Global Admin can do

I need the full List asap

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You forgot the magic word? This article lists every AAD related task and the minimum set of permissions you need for it:

How to identify tasks not related to identity for example to how to know who can run exchange hyb setup wizard
add setup domains on the tenant etc... i mean the objective is to list the tasks that only Global Admin can perform