Get Users using Delta query does not return the nextLink or deltaLink with C# code

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I have registered an application and provided the required permission in Azure and using that application to retrieve the modified users via delta Query.

Below is the code.



 GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(Constant.ResourceUrl,
           new DelegateAuthenticationProvider(async (requestMessage) =>
               var token = await AcquireTokeneAsyncForApplication();
               requestMessage.Headers.Authorization = new
                  AuthenticationHeaderValue("bearer", token);

var pagedCollection = await graphClient.Users


But the response does not contain the nextLink or deltaLink as mentioned in the documentation.



I can get the above links if I test the API in the graph explorer.

Response from Graph Explorer.




Am I missing anything here while calling the same API using C#?

Any help on this will be appreciated!


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