Get a list of "Other organizations you belong to" from all users

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Is it possible to get a list of all organizations where users of the own tenant are invited as guests?

It's pretty easy and straight forward to get a list for my own organizations (My Account ( But I don't find any option to get this list for all AAD users.


And is it possible to leave organizations on behalf of my users?

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@Thomsch Did you ever get any sort of reply or other info on this?  We have exactly the same question/requirement.

@rfoppen @Thomsch - Have either one of you received any guidance on being able to execute some sort of list or PowerShell script for this purpose - identifying all users in Azure Active Directory and determining all "Other organizations you belong to" ?

Unfortunately no, there has been no further traction on this one.

I tried examining queries with Microsoft Graph X-Ray; but the data presented in the My Account view for this does not appear to come through a Graph call.
This is truly a mystery. Individual users can easily review the "other organizations" but as admin I cannot find this information anywhere! We have been reviewing our own external guest users which made us think of how our users must exist the same way in other tenants. Given that we can see some private information about our external guests i.e. IP address makes me think that admins urgently need this kind of insight into how their users are connecting to other tenants.
If you get any information, I'm keen to hear it :)
Bumping this to see if there's any traction here? This seems like a key thing to be able to do and there's no sign of any way to do it...