From Azure Registered to Hybrid azure

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Dear all


I am new in intune...


We are using onpremise & Azure environment (synced by AD Connect) & at this time all computers are Azure Registered in AAD.

We also use ADFS.


I would like to enroll corporate computers as corporate and note BYOD and as I saw in Microsoft Doc I have to first 
Convert as Hybrid Azure AD Join computers
then use a GPO to enroll computers.

In the first step (convert to hybrid azure ad join) there is sentence that scared me :smile::



I am just in test period and I want to test on few computers, and if i start the process to Hybrid Azure AD Join, what will be the consequence for the other computers of the company???

What will happen regarding computers are not connecting to our corporate network?

WIll they switch also to hybrid azure ad join status and if yes what are the consequences?


many thanks to your help

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If you look carefully, all the actions are related to password change. So, if you convert all your devices to HAADJ and if that device is not connected to Corporate network(may be you do not have AlwaysOnVPN), then, user will not be able to change password, but they will be able to use existing password. Device will also not be able to change password. However, general working will not be impacted.
Hi Jai,
Big thanks for your reply.