Entra Cloud sync doesn't sync computers from AD

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I have Entra Connect Cloud Sync set up on one of our DC's.  Entra reports the agent as healthy, and it has no problems syncing users from the OU I have specified.


However, no computers seem to be getting sync'd, despite the OU containing the computers being set up correctly in Scoping Filters.


As a result, I can't seem to get Intune enrollment to work.


Running dsregcmd /status shows a previous registration with an error in the join phase, with server message:


The device object by the given id (device-id) is not found.


Here is a screenshot of dsregcmd output: directly below it is the error from Intune enrollment via Intune Company Portal.


I'm new to Entra and Intune, so I'm having trouble figuring this out.  Should cloud sync be syncing computers, and will that likely fix any enrollment issues?




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I believe device objects are only supported in the connect sync unfortunately. You can see the support objects in this table.

What is Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync? - Microsoft Entra ID | Microsoft Learn



Thank you. I happened across that after I posted.


Intune wants to see the AD joined computer in Entra in order to enroll it... I guess you have to use normal Entra Connect or something else?  Have a ticket open with support.