Entra Access Package: Resource types (PowerBI & custom logging)

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The videos and docs I've read on access package as part of entitlement management https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/governance/entitlement-management-overview  mention groups, apps and sharepoint sites as the resources that can be included in a catalog.


Is it possible to

  1. include PowerBI server folders and/or reports as a resource type which can be included in an access package? 
    1. I suspect it may a case of using sharepoint site as a proxy in some way.
  2. Facilitate custom logging or record keeping within packages that would record when a user was added and when they were removed? 
    1. I realise there are audit logs but my use case is for something more basic and be able to report on the entitlement changes over time, ideally as part of the steps within a package like writing to a db table or dataverse
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