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I am trying to enable notifications on the Microsoft Authenticator. When I authenticate in a browser on my PC, I receive a notification to enter a code displayed in the browser on my phone without entering a password (I assume this is passwordless?). However, if I open a browser on my phone and do the same, I do not receive a notification and I have to open the authenticator app separately to show the number input field.


Is this following sequence normal behavior, or is something misconfigured? What does "Upgrade your account" mean"?

1. Open Authenticator app:



2. Tap on "Enable notifications from this app to get notifications for passwordless phone sign-in" (what does "Upgrade your account" mean?:




3. Error:




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Look through the settings in AAD. Make sure the policy is enabled and configured properly.



The combined registration must be enabled for passwordless too. It's supposed to be enabled by default from October, but I've seen some delays in other tenants.


The prerequisites are determined by your selected passwordless authentication methods

Might it's my misunderstanding - what does "Enable notifications from this app to get notifications for passwordless phone sign-in" exactly mean? I currently have passwordless sign-in enabled and it works. I just don't get the Push notification on iOS notification center. When I open the app I can there is a authentication request where I need to enter a double digit number.

Microsoft Authenticator policy and the combined registration are enabled in our tenant.
Must be the iOS settings, i.e., your Authenticator app settings for notifications?

@ChristianJBergstrom Yes, notifications are on. Do you know what the exact functionality of this is:




Never seen it so don’t know. Hence my guess of the push notifications for the app on your mobile device. I don't know what else it could be. Have multiple accounts and none have it. Reinstall the app and start over from scratch. Verify the setting in the Authentication methods policy to passwordless too.

@Kiril I had the same issue. Cause: User reported Fraud alert. You find this within Multifactor authentication in Entra portal. Solution: You have to Unblock the user.


This will be you solution. You're welcome!