Dynamic group membership rules with application assignment

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1. I have a dynamic user group (Microsoft365)  (CRM users)   --- originating from random AD OUs or departments. where group name should be  "CRM users.

2.  I have CRM application  name "CRM"

3. I want to populate the Dynamic group with all staff using this "CRM"


the first step i have done; 

- I  created a rule  based on department (user.department -contains "Medical") and (user.accountEnabled -eq True) this works, but only for that department

- Now I want to assign users this application, then add them to dynamic group.

So that all users of CRM, automatically belong to "CRM users group".

___>>> (user.objectId -ne NULL) and (user.accountEnabled -eq True) and (applications.applicationId -eq "38bb468d-88ef-46d4-ad2d-8d57c1903964")  ,,,, this is not working.



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your assistance will be highly appreciated on this. 

Never seen the application attribute being used, are you sure it's supported? Afaik only the attributes listed in this article are supported: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/users-groups-roles/groups-dynamic-membership

@Vasil Michev how can I construct rule that can allow application users to be members of the same group.   For example; accounting users, sales users, marketing users, IT users (not everyone in these departments use the app but some of them use the app), I want to create for them a dynamic group.

any guide?

It's not natively possible. You could write a script which does this through the graph api