Do you want always get all the properties?

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Anybody else is wishing to see similar possibilities than AD's PowerShell module have. I mean, when you do regular "get-aduser -identity HerOrHim" you get few basic attributes over the wire. If you are expecting to see some other attributes, you need to define with "-properties attrib1, attrib2, etc..." or if you want all, then: "-properties *".


Now when working with Azure and other Microsoft 365 services, I have started to missing a similar possibility to AzureAD's management shell, like other M365/O365 related services as well. Few examples:

Teams, Get-CsOnlineUser, returns 190 attributes

AzureAD, Get-AzureADUser, returns 49 attributes

Exchange, Get-Mailbox, returns 237 attributes


Wouldn't that be cool, if you could get only the attributes you were needed?


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For ExO, you can get them by using implicit remoting, or simply by using the new, V2 cmdlets:


For the rest of the modules, you're stuck with the full set, but you can use Graph-based alternatives.