Determine if Hybrid Azure AD Join is Enabled

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Sorry if this seems obvious or has been asked before, but is there a way to tell (PS, CMD, GUI) if a tenant has been set up for Hybrid Azure AD Join without having to access Azure AD Connect?


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Hi @Stuart King 


The Azure-AD portal will tell you in the GUI if there are any existing Hybrid joined devices. Otherwise try to Hybrid join the device and troubleshoot if you have problems.


Below page may be of use




@Stuart King




Gives you the list of devices connected to Azure AD via Hybrid Azure AD Join. If no results means no devices joined. (see some example results below) - 




Additionally you can remotely connect to AzureAD Connect PowerShell from one of your Domain Joined devices. From Azure AD Tenant perspective, there is no configuration that shows up in (AzureAD / MSOnline ) powershell that shows you these details except dirsyncconfigruation of your Domains .


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