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we are a consulting company and just start using Azure and Active Directory. As we like to streamline our disclaimers and signatures, we like to work with AD placeholders. This works absolutely fine, but I'm missing a option to add custom attributes to users in AD.


Is this something that is possible? I'm the global administrator, so should have all access rights to create them. We are currently enrolled in a 40 person office 365 tenant without additional AD premium licenses and as I said just started to make more sense of our subscription. If additional licenses are needed this is a considerable option.

Thank you!

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Even if you do add some custom attributes in AD, you will not be able to leverage those for email signatures, as only some predefined attributes can be used for that. Just in case, here's how to add attributes to Azure AD:

@Vasil Michev thank you for your reply! Even not with third party tools like the CodeTwo Connector? We understand that mail flow rules are quite limited in Exchange and tend to use a third party solution for it.


As per the program would allow to add AD attributes. But as we are using the O365 subscription only, I'm not quite sure if and how this would allow me to edit the User attributes.

That's a question you should be asking them, we dont discuss third-party products here.