custom branding/login page for free AzureAD/EntraID

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I see that there is an option to have a custom sign-in page for a free version of AzureAD / Entra Id.
Microsoft Entra Plans and Pricing | Microsoft Security


However, the official documentation says this feature is reserved only for payable versions.
Add company branding to your organization's sign-in page - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn


So here are my questions:

1. Why there is a difference between this two things?

2. Is it possible in free version or not?

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To your first question, I can't give you an answer. However to your second question is just a matter of trying. When I log into a tenant with Microsoft Entra ID Free I do not have the option to configure Company Branding for the login experience.
Under Office365/Microsoft365 license (marked in AAD/Entra as 'Free') it is possible, like documentation says.
Under Microsoft Azure license (also marked in AAD/Entra as 'Free) don't have this option.

Still I leave the question open: Why the pricing page suggests that this is possible in every type of license when it doesn't?