Cross-tenant synchronization unable to provisioning group

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I'm trying to sync some groups from a tenant to another, but the log return this error:

Result   Skipped
Description Group '31d81b35-5725-40f5-9242-02a100363959' will be skipped. EntityTypeNotSupported
SkipReason  EntityTypeNotSupported
ReportableIdentifier 31d81b35-5725-40f5-9242-02a100363959
This issue occurs with any kind of group, m365 or security. 
Users seems works. 

What could I do to address this issue? 
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Hi, Andrea.


Only user objects are currently supported. Group objects are not.



"Microsoft Entra users can be synchronized between tenants. (Groups, devices, and contacts aren't currently supported.)"


The Microsoft documentation is a little misleading as there's frequent references from the cross-tenant synchronisation documentation to the more general app provisioning documentation in which group provisioning is discussed (and supported).




Thank you for your reply.
I suppose "currently" means the feature will be added soon.
What do you think about that?