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create guest account

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Hi All,

I want to create a guest account. I have logged in to the Exchange Online Admin Center and created a mail contact. However, I am not seeing this mail contact in Azure AD. Will mail contacts not show up in Azure AD?
If i need to create a guest account in Azure AD should i use invite external user in EntraID? The guest account will be used for B2B. I want to invite external user in Azure EntraID, Please help me with PowerShell syntax to create guest users with below fields in EntraID, is the below syntax correct?

Send Invite Message:(This box to be checked)

$email = "email address removed for privacy reasons"
$displayName = "FN LN"
$sendInviteMessage = $true
$firstName = "FN"
$lastName = "LN"
$userType = "Guest"
$companyName = "SomeCompany"
$jobTitle = "Developer"
New-AzureADMSInvitation -InvitedUserEmailAddress $email -InvitedUserDisplayName $displayName -SendInvitationMessage $sendInviteMessage -InvitedUserType $userType -InvitedUserOrganizations $companyName -InvitedUserJobTitle $jobTitle
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You need a mail user object, not mail contact.