Create a new user in Power App through register/log-in function

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Hi. I am trying to implement the log-in function in Power App. The user should be able to create their own account through Power App and log-in again next time since their log-in data will be saved in a database. In this case, I am using Microsoft Entra ID as my database.


This is my code of the "Submit" button in my Power App: MicrosoftEntraID.CreateUser(EnableAccountToggle.Value;EMailTextInput.Text; PasswortTextInput.Text).


I dont know what is wrong with my code, because when I try to create a new user account from Power App, the data of the new user does not show on my Microsoft Entra ID. I have already connected my app to the Microsoft Entra ID connector. I have not changed anything at all in my Microsoft Entra ID since having an account for it. Do I have to create a group or something in my Microsoft Entra ID? I really appreciate your advice! You can also recommend other data management tools to me or tell me what your experience with them.

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