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I've looked everywhere in the Azure AD Portal but can seem to find the source of my issue. My company has changed names several times due to mergers & acquisitions. Up to this point, everything has shown up with the latest (and hopefully final) name. Today, I enabled Microsoft Authenticator password-less sign-in for a small test group to evaluate, and everyone that has enabled this now sees 'Old Company Name LLC' as the Organization Name. I know there's a way to rename the account in the Authenticator App, but am I missing a setting somewhere to set the default Organization Name for the Microsoft Authenticator App that is outside of the typical Azure AD settings?


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I guess you need to look into azure ad > properties > Name. This name will be used in authenticator i think..

The default name is populated from the “Directory Name”, which can be set within the Azure AD portal under properties. It sounds from your post like you have located and set this correctly already. 

My recollection is that this affects the configuration of new Authenticator registrations only. Users who have previously enrolled (or who have set a custom name within their Authenticator profile) will continue to see the old name as far as I am aware. I’d be happy to be proved wrong on this if anyone knows better!


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FYI, I tested this with a demo tenant I have access to today... this works exactly as I detailed above. Directory Name in Azure AD properties determines the Authenticator entry name, but devices already configured will not update.

Editing the name of a registration in the Authenticator app allows you to clear a custom name. This will lead to the account inheriting the (new) name of the directory.