Classic Azure AD Additional Security Verification

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Where is the new location for creating app passwords, for use with Multifactor authentication?  Can one access this in the new Azure AD portal? 


This used to be one of the options listed, when clicking on the user name, top right, in the Classic Azure AD.  The option was ... ADDITIONAL SECURITY VERIFICATION?  I don't see it in the Classic portal. 

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Hmmm.  Just remembered I turned off MFA for my ID (MFA wasn't sending any authentication texts, so turned off for my ID and will give time for things to clear).  Wonder if I don't see this because MFA is NOT enabled for my ID.

The UI for this is a bit broken, in my opinion.


Anyway, here's the link to create App Passwords for Azure AD:

Thank you Chris!  My suscipicion was confirmed.  I don't see that option because I turned MFA off for my ID.  Following your link, I received the message ...

This page is available only to users who are required to sing-in using additional security verfication.



You are correct, if MFA is disabled for you that page will not be accessible