Ceridian Dayforce Automatic User Provisioning / Sync

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Has anyone done any work on creating scripts to sync attributes and/or automatically provision users from Ceridian's Dayforce HR app?  I've seen a couple hints out there from users that have built working solutions, but there's a lack of 'sharing of knowledge'.


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@Dustin Halvorson Were you able to find any solutions for this? I'm in the same boat and looking for opportunities to automate user management. Thanks for any feedback!

@jcpankey   nope, nothing.  we are beginning to look at building something internally.

So we have this requirement for a customer also and looking to see if anyone has dont this via Azure Identity Lifecycle Management or MIM (although depreciated)
SSO is fine, but we are looking at how we leverage Dayforce as the Identity Source

This is useful for SSO - what we are looking at is any one that has used Dayforce as the identity source to drive Azure AD lifecycle management.

@RobQ_MVP you can leverage logic app or power automate to build the integration. Happy to work with you if you still need help on this.

I was facing a similar task with building an integration from my HR system to the automatic user provisioning. I ended up with using the API of the HR system and the loading the data into a Azure SQL database and then connecting it to the API-driven user provisioning.

I wrote about it here: https://www.christianfrohn.dk/2024/05/15/using-api-driven-user-provisioning-with-an-azure-sql-databa...

Hope it helps!