Can't see all azure tenants I should see

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Hello there. 

When switching between directories in the azure portal, there is one directory that isn't visible (but should be). This happens when I simply head to, click on my account in the top right and choose 'switch directory', see screenshot below.





However, if I head to the direct URL for that directory instead (

I do see all the resource groups, services etc (as I should), and it also shows up when I head to the 'switch directory' list again! See screenshot below





I have no idea how this happens, nor how to resolve this. None of my colleagues have this issue.


I have already tried the following (Including the items here:

-Restore default settings

-Clear cookies and cache

-Try private/incognito/guest session

-Try different browser

-Try mobile browser

-Try different internet connection

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When you access via, are you sure all the subscriptions are selected? Sometimes, all subscriptions are not selected, on which you have access and in that case, all directories are not listed.