Blocking GMAIL APP iOS using CA

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What is the best ca combination to block the gmail app for email configuration on iOS.

We can block iOS native plus android native but gmail app which uses imap4 cant be blocked on iOS.

Android gmail app are blocked.
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You should block legacy authentication using Conditional Access.
If that is not an option, you can block it at Exchange Online level -
Well i saw that so its exactly the same but somehow able to configure gmail.

And you can tru yourself and see if you are successful in blocking gmail and somehow gmail app show office 365 as an option for configuration.
Is the ca policy applying to that sign-in?
Could you share me your current policy?
I know we can block access using pshell device policy on exchange online but we want to leverage ca.

So we have 3 ca policy as exactly the same describe in the article that you share except we are not using app protection because not all MS Apps are covered under that only approved apps.

1 st ca with approved apps

Than policy for EAS

Third blocking the legacy authentication

So eve
Well i am aware of this so if you have setup than please try yourself and see if you are sucessfull in blocking the same via CA
Gmail app is getting blocked on android but not ios.
I have tested this with CA policies and it works fine for me.
That's why I wanted to see your CA policies/Sign-in logs
Download gmail app on ios and see if it works for you
Its working for you on iOS device.

Gmail app on ios device