Azure PIM Powershell module error

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hi guys

Recently I’ve been having issues with AzureAD PIM PowerShell ver it was all working perfectly fine before).  

Connect-PimService works just fine, Disconnect-pimservice works as well, however when I run Get-PrivilegedRoleAssignment I get the following error 


:An error occurred while processing this request. 

at line:1 char:1


What I did next was to run $error[0] | select * and here is what got:


error: {

        “code”:”TenantEnabledInAadRoleMigration”, “message”:”The current endpoints of AAD roles have been disabled for the tenant for migration purposes.

... ” 


Any idea what does this mean ? 

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@Plamen Gavrailov the rest API's used by the PIM module have been migrated. Check out this link.