Azure Joined PC Web URL to Internal File Server

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I am going to drop this here but honestly not quite sure if this is the right forum.  

We have an internal web server that has a dynamic link that points to an internal web server.  The link is simply a \\FILESERVER\FILENAME.PDF using basic HREF. The browser, detects this as a file://FILESERVER/FILENAME.PDF.   

Anyways, On domain joined machines, this process works.  However, on Azure AD Joined machines, the link does not work. Clicking the link does nothing.  Right clicking and opening a new tab; nothing.  Right Click > New Window : Nothing.   However, Right Click and save as: Works as does Copying the link and pasting it in address bar.   Does not matter the browser.  


Initially I thought this was a permission issue, however on that same page we are also using a save PDF to the same location using the same \\ and that works.  Hard to explain, my apologizes if this does not make sense. Frankly, it does not make any sense to me.  There are no errors. Since no activity is happening on the actual click, fiddler does not even report it. It is as if the link is not present; however it is. I can see the link in the status bar. Again, it is operational, if I copy the link and open it from a new tab or browser.   Confused.... 


Hoping someone can shine a light on this one.  Thanks. 

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