Azure DAG for on-premise active directory

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Hi Guys, 


Traditionally, I understand you need to have an active/active configuration when having DR for on premise active directory to the cloud. Does this change on Azure? Do I still need to provision an active VM to replicate my on-premise AD?



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Do you mean a DR setup for you Azure AD Connect?

Two active AAD Connects aren't supported, you can configure one in passive (staging) mode however. Check this out:

However, you should contemplate if it is worth having a back-up with AAD Connect. When the server goes down, the sync stops but O365 is still fully functional

@Thijs Lecomte Thank you for your response.  The information was helpful :) 

@DigitalNomad920It's also worth checking out the new Azure AD Cloud Provisioning agent. You can have multiple agents :)

Hi Matthew,
Just has a look through, definitely some good benefits thanks!