Azure B2B Guest User and Licensing - what does it actually do?

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Getting into Azure B2B with 300+ users invited and now Guests in our Azure AD primarily for using Teams. I notice in > Azure AD > Users > selecting any Guest user, I can actually Assign a license to the Guest user and it says in "Public Preview".


What does this actually do in technical terms? Is it simply to be in control over licensing according to the 5:1 rule in Microsoft's licensing guidande for Azure B2B? Or does it actually enable the Guest user to use the products that you assign to the user?



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Yes, you can assign any license to any user in your Azure AD. But, as far as I know, if they are guest users they really have no use for those licenses. I mean, if you assign a E3 etc. for the users, they cannot use the actual services from your tenant.


Azure AD/Premium license is a different thing and I think you're right that it might be used in the future to track the licensing regarding to 5:1 rule.

Thanks for your reply. 


I've come to the same conclusion as you. First I tested but of course as you say, they have no use for this license (I've tried). I've also reached out to some Microsoft representatives we are in contact with and they more or less said "don't apply a license" and couldn't say why this feature is here in the first place :).


However, it would be great if you COULD do this. We have many guests that we would like to give licenses so that they could be "fully licensed" even with a personal OneDrive etc and we rather have them login using their own credentials than to have to remember logging in as a user account we supply to them. But I understand the technical complexity of this so this might be something we never will see.

Hi, I have a simple question. If I invite guest user to Teams, do I need a AADP license ?

I got it.

Many thanks!