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Azure AD Topologies (Ideas)

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Dear Community.


I want to do some brainstorming and get your Ideas.

I have an AD Forest as in the following picture



  • Tree Root (Forest) connected to Azure Cloud Tenant and all users and devices from the Trees.
  • demoorg.local and subdomains synced to the Azure Cloud Tenant.
  • Users from xy.demoorg.local  & xz.demoorg.local is using the same upn (domain name to log in to E-Mail, Teams.
  • All devices are Hybrid joined. (Conditional Access is not in use)
  • Pass Hash Authentication is activated.
  • E-Mail server is Exchange but the on-prem and e-mail server uses only users from xy.demoorg.local  & xz.demoorg.local
  • There is no Cloud app or other cloud resources using the xy.demoorg.local  & xz.demoorg.local
  • All Devices from xy.demoorg.local  & xz.demoorg.local  managed from local GPO.
  • All users use only a password and username for a Windows Sign-In (There is no Windows Hello or Pin or Security Key in use)


  • I want to create a new Azure Tenant (only one tenant) and connect all users and devices from my xy.demoorg.local  & xz.demoorg.local (demoorg.local tree)  to the new Tenant and disconnect the tree from the Tenant which is already connected now.
  • As I know first I need to delete all synced devices and unregister my domain name (used for Teams and Outlook Sign-in) from the old tenant and register my domain in the new Tenant.
  • Then I want to sync all devices and users to the new Tenant.


  • Is It possible?
  • If yes, which scenarios are available there, and which scenario do you prefer?
  • If there will be downtime during the migration?
  • Which other questions should I answer?
  • Or maybe I should separate my own tree from the forest and then connect it to the new Tenant


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