Azure AD Support for SAML 1.1

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In the guide to migrate off Azure ACS ( it notes that Azure AD support for SAML 1.1 is in a Preview release. Could anyone please update on the status of the Preview release and direct me to any online materials that might be available?


Our Azure SharePoint 2013 IaaS environment is dependent on ACS to support SAML 1.1 tokens and we are in need of an alternative before ACS is shutdown in Nov 2018. Having Azure AD support SAML 1.1 would be our first choice by far if it will be a Public release before then.


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I'm also keen to know, and trial.


It also says "Following this approach requires an Azure AD Premium license", I'd like some confirmation of that too please... I only have AAD Basic which allows me to create App Proxy's and Non-gallery applications, at what point will I be unable to continue to use SAML1.1? - Can the Premium licence requirement be reconsidered at all?







Our guidance here is customer should able to use SAML 1.1 Token enabled app from Azure AD app gallery and then configure your app. HEre is the detailed article which describe this approach.


Also note that this app from the gallery is FREE and available for all the customers.



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That's excellent, thanks for pointing that out. When I was trying to integrate SharePoint on-premise with Azure AD the SAML 1.1 signing was still in preview and the documentation I followed talked you through creating a Non-gallery application... it's great to see there's now a freely available gallery app for this allowing integration without the need for the Premium licencing that a Non-gallery app requires.


Thanks! :)