Azure AD join device add to default AAD group



users can register and join devices to organizational Azure AD. devices are Windows, Android, iOS etc.

Is it possible somehow to set default Azure AD Security group that new device should be member of?

Example, somebody joins new windows pc to Azure AD and by default it should get the AAD security group named "Intune - policy1". Of course we use those group to target specific intune policy later. But by default devices should go to some AAD group. Any options?

Cloud only environment (no hybrid)

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I understand dynamics groups , for devices, but do not see, how this would help. I just need one group for all new devices to be added in by default.
I might not understand what you’re looking for, but that’s what dynamic groups does. It evaluates the attribute/rule and automatically puts the device or user in the group.
Newly added (windows) device to Azure AD join, does not have any special attribute that i want to include/exclude.
Simply go for deviceOSVersion then? I don't know about anything else to help here. Good luck going forward!
Using Dynamic Groups is not possible to achieve scenario.

New device, after added to a group can be (manually) removed from the group. Dynamic Groups with (any) filter, including deviceOSVersion will include the device permanently.

We are search for option to add automatically new device to a group, such as "New devices queue" , pending the manually resolution where it should be added or deducted about group membership..