Azure AD group-based license management

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  • We have a limited number of A3 licenses and an Unlimited A1 licenses 
  • Want to use Group Base License to assign licenses based on a expression located in Security Group's "Dynamic Membership Expresssion"
  • Users are added to my On Premise Active Directory using MIM
  • Have an automated powershell script that Enable-RemoteMailbox on the new user
  • Using the latest version of Azure AD Connect



1. Is there a Advance Rule I can created that will evaulate that new user and determain if I ran out of A3 licenes and assign the new user an A1 license?


2. If question 1 possible, have a rule to re-evaulate the user and assign an A3 when a new A3 license becomes avaiable?


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No such option, afaik.