Azure AD DS custom attributes sync

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Hello everyone,


I make this post to ask if you know if there is the possibility to synchronize Azure AD custom attributes over to Azure AD Domain Services.

I could not find any documentation about this, plus I see inside Azure AD DS an OU named ADDSSyncCustomAttributes. Could it may be a reference for the question I am asking?


Thanks everyone!

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Yes, you can synchronise custom attributes from AD to Azure AD via AAD Connect (up to a maximum of 100 attributes):



Be careful with multi-valued attributes though, as while AAD Connect does indeed sync them correctly (and has done so for years) in their multi-valued form, Graph has only just recently started to surface them properly. If you're working with PowerShell modules, only the Microsoft.Graph.Users can handle them. Any single-valued custom attribute will be fine.


I'm unfamiliar with an organisational unit in Azure AD named ADDSSyncCustomAttributes, but my gut feeling is it relates more to the synchronisation process from Azure AD to the Azure AD DS managed domain, not the AAD Connect synchronisation process from on-premise AD to Azure AD (they're different things.)


If I were to really go out on the skinniest of limbs, I'd say it's more likely to be related to the new custom security attributes that are in preview, but perhaps someone more in the know can authoritatively answer this second question.




maybe my question was misunderstood because I was not referring at all to the sync process between AD and AAD. I was only referring of the one from AAD to Azure AD DS.
Anyways, it seems pretty clear that there is no answer to my question because I have already tried to research thoroughly but I have not seen anything relevant whatsoever.
Thanks anyways!



My understanding is that only the listed attributes are synchronised in one direction from Azure AD to Azure AD DS:



Custom attributes, such as those from Azure directory or schema extensions are not included.