Azure AD connect issue: connecting to Azure AD

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i have a problem in my AAD connect server seen on my screenshotconcern.png.

What will be the issue and resolution? I cant find any related links regarding on this troubleshooting.

I am using a global admin account in connecting to Azure AD

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Are you using On-Premise global admin or O365 global admin. I suggest you to use O365 global admin, if still issue not fixed then need more logs to understand it.


Could you explain below:

New ADConnect Install?
Where do you this error? Is it on Synchronization service?

Create new Global O365 admin account and use it, do the same with OnPrem Enterprise Account.

Hi this error occured when im installing new AD connect using express settings, when I'm on th connect to Azure tab of the configuration and input the Office365 global admin credentials this would prompt as an error.

Also I found out that when I browse on Internet explorer its just a white screen. could it be a network issue?
I'm installing new AD connect on a new server.
I'm using express settings, then when on connecting to Azure AD process, I have input my Global admin credentials then this error occurs.
Not sure.

Could you turn off IE enhanced security configuration from Local Server Manager? It worths try!

Hi Moe,

Its working already dont know how but it suddenly connects to Azure AD. thanks fot your prompt response