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My company wants to use Azure B2B as a primary portal for Business Partners.  We are attempting to set up an Azure AD B2B portal so that business partners do not need to wait for an invitation, they could go to the site and request access.  We are using as a guide an example on GIT:  but there is a bug that keeps the Application Administrator from logging in to the web site after deployment and completing the configuration.  Is there another step by step example or is there a solution to the bug?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.  I have already reached the limits of my Azure Engineer.

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Hey Charles,


I have followed the exact same guidance for my tenant just now and have not had the issue you're describing - I changed the site config data, logged out, then logged in back again with my admin account. Used the latest Chrome if that detail helps.


Maybe you've inadvertently skipped a step? I know I was up three nights in a row because of those **bleep** app permissions: I added all possible Graph API permissions and nothing was working....then I clicked "Grant Permissions" next to the add button - And presto :) But of course there may have been other steps. 

Also good to check: When updating the Application URLs, there are 2 places to update - the Home Page URL AND the Reply URL for each app - so 4 places total. I missed that one on the first go...


Hope this helps & Cheers,