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Azure Active Directory Webinar Recordings


Below you will find links for the recordings of the Azure Active Directory webinar sessions in YouTube format. Note, these webinar recordings will be available roughly 2-3 weeks after each of the live webinars. Live links will be posted as soon as they are available. We will also post a pdf of the PPT used in each webinar as soon as we have that available. ALSO NOTE: COVID has delayed recordings of March and June sessions, but we hope to have those posted below by end of June / early July.


Please also note: Depending on your Internet connection it may take up to fifteen seconds or so for the recording to start.


Check in at our webinar community for FY21 updates:







March 5, 2020

Your journey to passwordless (You will learn about options to minimize use of passwords today and how to work toward a passwordless future.)



March 12, 2020

Manage Partner Access with B2B (You will learn how to collaborate with your partners in a secure manner.)



March 19, 2020

Enable New Customer Experiences with B2C (You will learn how to enable new customer experiences with Azure AD B2C.)



June 11, 2020

Identity Governance for Modern Organizations (We will introduce tools to govern the lifecycle of user and guest identities in your Azure AD and Office 365 deployment.)



June 18, 2020

Getting started with Azure AD Reporting and Insights (You will learn how to Interpret Azure AD Logs, Integrate with your SIEM tools and Gather Insights about your Azure AD Service.)



June 25, 2020

Azure AD as the New Security Control Plane (You will learn how to assess and implement a modern approach to secure your organization identities with Azure AD.)



2019 Recordings & PowerPoint Presentations

September 5, 2019


Getting started with hybrid identity

Learn how and why to integrate your on-premises identities with Azure AD.



September 12, 2019


Integrating your applications with Azure Active Directory

Learn how integrating your line of business and SaaS apps using Azure Active Directory enables advanced security, single sign-on, and convenience for you and your users. 



September 19, 2019


Take your apps to the next level with provisioning

Simplify identity lifecycle management with Azure AD automatic user and group provisioning for SaaS applications.



October 3, 2019


Upgrade your security with multi-factor authentication

Protect your users by leveraging Azure AD and 3rd party multi-factor authentication.



October 10, 2019


Starting your journey to Zero Trust with Conditional Access & Identity Protection 

Today's cloud technology and mobile workforce challenged traditional approaches to security. Learn how to shore-up your environment by following zero trust methodologies and Azure AD technologies.



October 17, 2019


Empower your users with better IT scalability

Learn how Azure AD enables your users to reset their passwords securely and manage their own security and allows you to scale IT management of groups.




Thanks for watching and please feel free to share these links!


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@Derek Mathis  Links aren't accessible or not working.


Can you pls recheck :)



Ankit Shukla


@ankit shukla These webinars don't begin happening until September (see dates in table). Recordings of the webinar content will be posted ~2 weeks after each live webinar...

Please, how to connect to the first webinar ?

@EnricoA Please register for all webinars at


-Cheers, Derek

Already done multiple times. With my work account and with my personal account But nothing has arrived...

@EnricoA Invites will arrive today. Thanks for your patience.

Good morning Derek, From UK - I did registered/emailed but no link of how do I join the first webinar. Can you please assist, thank you. Kind regards
Also for me, the option number 1.
1. 0700 PT / 1000 ET / 1500 GMT
Thanks in advance,


@Derek Mathis 


You folks really need to test your links...



@Martin Wiedmeyer Please check the link again, it should be working just fine.


-Thank you, Derek

@Derek Mathis 

The link now works.

Thanks for the quick fix.




@Derek Mathis




I'd really like to join these live webinars however timings for Perth, Australia are terrible (11pm or 3 am).  I totally appreciate that you can't get it right for everyone but is there anything that can be done in future?


Many thanks



@Derek Mathis looking forward to the first video being available. Only saw an invite to this by email earlier today.

@Surftec  As indicated on, our recordings of these webinars will all be available ~2 weeks after each webinar.


-Cheers, Derek

@Deleted Totally understand Andrew. In the past we've had very low attendance when we've included live webinar times for Asia. We are considering other time options for round 2 in March/April next year however.


Recordings for each webinar will be available at roughly 2 weeks after the actual webinar date.


-Cheers, Derek

When shall we get the Recorded Video link?

@KarthikSha86 Recordings of these webinars will be posted to ~2 weeks after each live webinar.


We hope to have the recording for the 5 September webinar up soon.


-Cheers, Derek

Thanks Derek. Appreciate the response.
Thank you !