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Automate AzureAD Operations

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What frameworks are available for automating AzureAD? Obviously we have the Graph API but looking for something more Enterprise ready. Can Flow or the like do this?

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I would recommend the Graph API.

What do you mean by "it's not enterprise ready'?

Graph API is an extensive and reliable API.

Flow can do some automating, but for enterprise level I would recommend looking into LOgic Apps

@Thijs Lecomte OK, 'Enterprise Ready' might not have been a good choice of phrasing :) Some examples:


  • Say I wanted to build a workflow for my service desk team that allow them to provision an AzureAD user, add them to several groups and configure other items. Would i have to build this from scratch with Graph API? 
  • Say I wanted to configure AzureAD from scratch. Can every piece of config be deployed via Graph and if not, where do I find documentation on the bits that can/cannot be ??
You could use Powershell for some parts.
But the Graph API is the most complete API there is for AAD.

I highly recommend this blog series for an intro into Graph: