Authentication to AWS homemade application with Azure AD Office 365 / Questions

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First, thank you for welcoming me into the community. I am a beginner to Microsoft technologies.


Second, let me explain the context:

- My company has an Office 365 Business Premium Account (thus we have a free Azure AD licence with all our O365 users inside).

- We have several homemade applications hosted at AWS (which we use with Cognito SSO, thus fully independant from our Azure AD, we have separate accounts for those AWS-hosted apps).


Third, let me explain what I would like to do and where I am stuck:

- Basically I would like to use our O365 Azure AD to authenticate our internal users to AWS apps (instead of using SSO Cognito).

- Question 1: Do I have to switch to Azure AD P1 level licence to perform this ? (+5$/user/month -> hard to believe I have to do that especially I want my customers to be registered in Azure AD)

- Question 2: I would like to mock-up Azure AD with AWS applications. I do not want to add "test" users to my existing corporate Azure AD - Can I create an "external" (=independant) Azure AD annuary with my MS Azure account (or with my MS DevOps account) ?

- Question 3: (relates to question 2) how to create another Azure AD instance if I still want to use the same domain name as the one for my O365 Azure AD ?


Many thanks !




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