Assigning individual partner users to SharePoint Groups

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I am currently testing "Azure AD B2B Collaboration" and I am facing a potential showstopper: It seems to only be possible to assign rights to external users via an Azure AD Security Group. Is that right?


I have on a test tenant created an external user via import of a csv file. In the file, I have specified the group "Externals" and I am able to assign rights to this group in SharePoint. But when I try to assign the individual external user to the Members group in a SharePoint site, I am not able to find him.


I hope I am misunderstanding something!






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Hi Jakob
Yes, you should be able to assign them directly. (At least this worked in our tenant).
Just leave the group id in the csv empty. If you leave InvitedToApplications
and the InvitedToGroups fields empty, the user is added as a guest to your Azure AD.
From there you should be able to assign the user using the people picker.
There is one caveat though: It might take some time until the people picker can resolve the user correctly. (Not sure, but I think it has to do with the syncing of the AD).
Just type in the email address and hit "ok". It should be resolved properly.

Good luck!