Applying Conditional Access to Allow traffic from only trusted IP addresses

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Hi Team,

     We have requirement to access an registered application on azure cloud only from certain IP addresses of AWS cloud. What I found on conditional access policy is , we can bloack access from certain IP address ranges and Certain countries. Is it possible to specify requests should be accepted only from certain IP addressses ? Application we are planning to access is Office 365.

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Hi, yes you can allow access to M365 services with CA based on trusted locations and IP address ranges  as described here -


@PeterRising  Application is registered to run as background service or daemon without a signed-in user. The application is accessed from AWS cloud through Oauth2.0 authentication. Can conditional access be still applied?



I would think probably not in those conditions.   

@PeterRising  Just got to know that conditional access is only allowed at user login level , not for application logging level. We are accesing mailboxes through our application , I found way of applying IP address restrction at Exchange level. Just checking if we do have any other possible solution , as we are trying to avoid applying restrictions at Exchange level. We are using MS Graph API calls for accessing mailbox. Please let me know if there is any another way.