Application Proxy with STS redirect

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I'm faced with a senario where an internal web application needs to be exposed externally with AAD Application proxy.

The application is using a URL that points to an external domain (SaaS app) but it's only accessible from the internal network.

The app is using ADFS for sign-in.



When I have create the app proxy config and I'm browing the external URL (MS default domain) I'm getting to the ADFS sign in page, authenticates and then... nothing. I'm redirected to the application URL but I'm getting no response.

It's like my browser tries to access the app externally and not through the app proxy service. 


Am I missing something in the setup?

Running app proxy in passthrough mode. (AAD Auth does not do any difference)

I have added a WS-federation endpoint for the app proxy external URL according to MS documentation.  

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@Marcus Pettersson App proxy is using a reverse proxy, so using it for SaaS is possible, but can give trouble with ADFS. I guess you end up in a loop. 


Try simulating the problem with Fiddler running. Happy to help here... 

Thanks, good tip! Will give it a try after the holidays.