Alternative ways for users to update profile info

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Hi Everybody, i was deployed the AD on-prime using the AD connect we are sync the data on Azure AD . I am facing the issue the details as follow 1. User are unable to update their profile info on web based (example. Mobile Number and Title. 2. if i need to update on-Prime AD level to made the changes and then i need to sync. i am looking is there any alternative way can enable to user to update their profile info. Please let me know your valuable suggestion

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Any systems on-Prem that can update AD that will sync to 365. Without Azure AD Premium with write back that's your only option. We just bought Hyperfish and about to deploy which is a good cloud solution with an agent to update things well.

There are other AD update tools for on prem only, but you won't get the photo updates etc. that Hyperfish provides.