Allowing an external org to access my application (registered in azure ad) with their credentials?

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Hi all,


I have created a single tenant application that works well for my organisation, however I need to add another organisation (external) to be able to use my application. The organisation that I want to add has an Azure AD. Hence my goal is to enable for people from the 2nd organisation to be able to sign into my app without needing to register. How am I suppose to go about this? I've looked into the "app registrations" page but have not seen such ability and I've looked online to find a solution to this problem to no avail.


I'm aware I will need to change the application to "multi-tenant" and also change the urls from tenant specific to /common. However, I have no idea how to go about enabling a specific organisation to be able to access my application (while not allowing other orgs) and use my app after signing on using their microsoft org credentials without registration. 


I'm looking for suggestions on how I should go about this, or a resource I can use to do this as I'm a bit lost on how to do this - still a bit of a noobie with Azure AD.


Appreciate any help! Thanks,


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Hi @manu-remsense,


You could also use Entitlement management to publish your application, no need to make it multi-tenant for this purpose


Or if You want a multi-tenant app, I suggest using Azure AD B2C for that but it will way more complex to achieve.


Hope this helps,