Administrative Units (MDE,MDI,MDCA,Pureview,Endpoint mgmt)

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The Microsoft documentation on Administrative Units (AUs) is not clear enough.

I would like to know if I can use AUs in the following portals:

  1. For example, can I create Defender for Office 365 policies for the users and groups within my AUs?

  2. For example, can I create an Information Protection sensitivity label for the groups included in my AU?

  3. I know that I can create, delete, and modify users, as well as manage licenses within my AU.

  4. Can I create configuration profiles for devices within my dynamic device group in AU?

Or is the term "AUs" restricted only to Azure Portal and MS Teams Devices?

Please let me know if there are any specific limitations or restrictions regarding the use of AUs in these portals.







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That's a documenation issue, so best leave feedback under the corresponding article. Support for AUs is down to the specific PG within Microsoft, for example the Compliance folks recently added (limited) support for it: