AD User Office-Phone field Error "Unable to update"

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Anyone else receiving error "Unable to update" when adding a phone number to the AD USER Office-Phone field. 


This is in the specified format, beginning with "+1 ", no spaces, dashes, periods, etc.  I can go to Office365 Exchange and add it there.  I first saw this Wed 10/3, middle of last week.  This is an inhouse user, not external.  

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Where are you having this problem, in the Azure AD blade? You are supposed to insert a space there, as it separates the country/code. Otherwise you will get an error:


Invalid office phone number format. To include an extension start it with 'x'. Example input: +1 2223334444 or +1 2223334444x56

Yes, I am in the blade.  And yes, this is being entered in the correct format.  I thought perhaps the format changed and the help had not changed.  


I will open a ticket in a day or so if this doesn't clear.

The issue cleared sometime today.  Thank you to whomever fixed this!